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Travel Baseball

(Adopted October 2015)

  • I. Designation
    • a. MSA is a recreation-based, not-for-profit sports organization operating under its agreement with the City of Jacksonville (the “City”).
    • b. A non-recreation based team (“Travel Ball Team”) may apply to MSA’s Executive Board team to use the fields on which MSA leases through the City provided that:
      • i. They are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation
      • ii. Provide evidence they are properly insured
    • c. MSA’s Executive Board must approve by majority vote each Travel Ball Team before Use of Fields may begin.
    • d. A Travel Ball Team must reapply, and the MSA Executive must approve, for each Season. For purposes of this policy, a Season is a six month period generally considered to be from February through July (Spring Season) and August through January (Fall Season) for baseball and softball. The Season months may be amended based on what is customary to the sport in which the Travel Ball Team participates.
    • e. The Travel Ball Team is a separate entity from MSA and therefore shall conduct team try outs, management, and funding on its own accord.
    • f. For purposes of this policy, post season All Stars teams and in-season Advanced Baseball teams are considered an extension of MSA’s recreation league. Therefore, this Travel Ball policy does not apply.
  • II. Use of Fields
    • a. MSA shall grant use of fields, batting cages, and other on-site training areas to approved Travel Ball Teams based on field availability for each Season.
    • b. Field availability shall be coordinated through MSA’s Scheduling Director.
  • III. Use of Equipment
    • a. Usage of grooming, maintenance, and other capital equipment (“Capital Equipment”) by an approved Travel Ball Team is not part of this policy.
    • b. Use of Capital Equipment shall be granted by at the discretion of the MSA’s Executive Board and may be removed with or without cause at any time.
    • c. Non-capital equipment such as rakes, shovels, and line equipment falls under the Use of Fields portion of this policy.
  • IV. Fees
    • a. At the beginning of the fiscal year, MSA’s Executive Board shall set a fee per Travel Ball Team player, per Season, for use of MSA’s fields leased through the City.
    • b. The fee must be paid in full by the Travel Ball Team within 30 days of the beginning month of Travel Ball Team’s Season. If the fee is not paid in full as required, MSA reserves the right to cancel its agreement with the Travel Ball Team and deny use of fields.
  • V. MSA reserves the right to terminate its agreement with the Travel Ball Team at any time if, in its judgment, it has conducted itself in a manner not in the best interest of MSA.